How it Works


Grandmother and boy look at a photo album 

1. It all begins with a conversation.

First, we will talk over your ideas about the project, who it will be about, and the length and scale you are interested in at this point. We will answer all the questions you have at the beginning.  

Before we come, we will ask you to gather and look through memorabilia, photos, and home movies. This process will help trigger memories and can greatly enrich the final documentary.

2. We come to you to do the filming.

The first thing we do when we arrive at your home is to sit and look at photos, talk about what you would like to include in your film, and preview interview questions.  Then we will set up the equipment and get ready to begin the filming.

With patience and kind questioning, we will help you or your loved ones share memories, stories, and wisdom that has accumulated over a lifetime.  We may spend one to several days with you, filming interviews, surroundings, and activities. Depending on the scale of the project you choose, we may interview family members, friends, or colleagues.  

Boy rides on grandfather's shoulders
Collage wh memorabilia and photos, bird's nest, pipe, key, old pencil

3. We gather your photos, home movies, and memorabilia.

After you have selected the pictures that you want in the film, we carefully carry your precious photos and memorabilia back to our studio to be processed. We send any home movies to another location to be transferred to a digital format. We photograph memorabilia, discuss musical styles that fit your tastes, and prepare to find royalty free music for the film.

Senior woman with her hand at her chin

4. We look over all the footage that we captured, and edit it into a coherent story.

After we have gathered all the material, we go back to the edit room and carefully weave all these visual and aural elements together. People who are not familiar with editing may be surprised at the time it takes. First, we need to write down everything that we've filmed, sometimes paying a professional transcriber, in order to make it easier to structure the elements into a coherent narrative. Next we make a rough script, and process photos and home movies. Then we are ready to begin editing: overlapping interview segments with other footage such as activities  and surroundings, and adding photos, music, titles, transitions and effects. All throughout, we pay close attention to details of picture and sound quality. We also give you a chance to review the edit and suggest changes.  By working together, we will create a unique, professional documentary that will be your legacy for future generations.  When the film is finished, you will receive one copy on DVD with a personalized DVD cover, one on a USB Flash Drive in a custom box, with additional copies in your preferred format upon request.


"It was incredible to hear some of his stories for the first time. I will treasure this film forever." - Mike G.