Film Portraits of Your Small Business

Beautiful Films of Your Family

Eva May Alming reminisces about camping by the ocean.

A film portrait of Libby Schrum Design, makers of handcrafted modern furniture.

Do you remember the stories your grandparents told you?

Imagine having your parents or grandparents on film, telling those stories and passing on their values. What a priceless gift that would be!  We can help you preserve the experiences, life lessons, and personality of a family member or yourself. With kindness and genuine interest, we will record these stories and weave together a professional documentary - an important  legacy for future generations. By skillfully filming and editing interviews, activities, surroundings,  photos, home movies, and music, we will make your personal or family story come to life.

Tell your story - it's your priceless legacy!  

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Each story is a pearl, each lifetime of experiences an abundance of riches. This is what future generations prize the most. A Personal Story Film will gather these gems and help them shine. 


Film Clips (more on Gallery Page)

Linda Story relishes the childhood memory of yearly picnics. 


Henning Pontoppidan talks about sailing in Maine.

Henning bakes a favorite Danish shortbread cookie.

Why should I capture a life story on camera?

  • The stories, values, and experience from our lives are the richest thing we can pass on to the next generations.

  • According to research, a large majority (74%) of people over 45 would rather inherit life lessons and values from their parents than money. (Click here for more information).

  • Being able to watch loved ones speaking on camera allows you to fully appreciate their personality and expressions. It brings them to life in a way that printed words cannot.

  • Future generations will be able to see their ancestors and hear their stories in their own words - a gift that goes far beyond monetary value.


"Thank you so much for the most amazing story. You have really done an extraordinary piece of work putting it together and editing it so well. We were spellbound for an hour." - Jesper Q.